YCOE - Information & Technology Services Notification Aug 31, 2020


This communication is notification that a new system for managing support requests for the ITS (Information & Technology Services) Group is now available - Teamwork Desk - and will be replacing School Dude for all IT related help requests.  This new system and process will make it easier for all employees and district partners to submit help tickets, stay notified of progress, and view status through a personal support portal account.

Key benefits of the new system include:

  • Simplified process for all employees to request support (especially in this remote work, teaching, and learning environment)

  • Fast, Flexible, Friendly (built on modern web standards so that it’s easy to access from anywhere on any device)

  • Includes a personal Employee Support Portal for viewing status and updates on ticket submissions

  • Designed for IT Departments: Many automations and benefits for IT staff to help with intake, tracking, prioritization, drop-by requests, and response management

    • Future potential to support departments outside of ITS for possible instructional or business process needs

NOTE: This system does not replace SchoolDude for Facilities (SOS) related support requests.  SchoolDude is a Facilities specific ticketing management system and will continue to be the system used by the SOS department.

We will continue to address all current IT requests submitted through SchoolDude as we transition employees to the new system.  Moving forward employees are now able to submit support requests starting immediately by sending an email to SUPPORT.ITS@YCOE.ORG or creating a ticket directly through the ITS SUPPORT PORTAL (you may be asked to create an account or password at first login).

To help staff easily remember these links, this information can be found on the main YCOE Web Page under INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY or by the new YCOE APP PORTAL


Support Email

Support Portal:

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