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Hardware & Software Standards


ITS establishes hardware and software standards for academic and administrative functions based on current technology available and the common need of agency users. The Yolo County Office of Education adheres to these standards to maintain a reliable and efficient computing environment for all users on the YCOE network. The primary considerations for hardware and software standards are:

  • Optimize the levels of support ITS can provide
  • Manage the cost of acquisition, refresh, and support of technology
  • Improve service via group policy management (automatic deployment)
  • Ensure network compatibility for upgrades and security

Computer Hardware Standards – Tech Specification Requirements

When a new computer is purchased the hardware specifications of the new computer must meet or exceed the new purchase minimum hardware standards. These standards will be adjusted from time to time to account for evolving technology iterations and represent minimum requirements to support the efficient running of YCOE computing devices, resourcing/capacity for support, and address performance and flexibility for office and remote work, teaching, and learning. The standard technology quoted will always meet these minimum specifications.

Note: computing standards do not depict the machine's ability to solely operate on the network, rather the standards are intended to ensure all systems are able to adequately make use of agency network resources and can perform at a level that addresses the diverse and varied demands of our users and learners, and optimally support the ongoing transition to a digital workflow for academic and business purposes. Additionally, these standards ensure that all systems can run essential agency software and applications such as anti-virus, current/secure operating systems, OS updates, current Office Suite applications, financial system software, etc., and can accept updates as they are released by the vendor.

I. To ensure optimal service level support and response, YCOE ITS is currently resourced to provide support for one (1) computing device per employee and student. ITS will work with departments to identify and provide guidance on replacing any computers that do not meet the provided minimum hardware standards. Upon replacement, old machines will be removed and provisioned for e-waste removal.

II. All computers that are deployed by ITS technicians will be delivered with a standard user configuration and set of software.  This ensures optimal support and design for training, documentation, and tutorials (e.g., documents, videos, etc.).


Computing Devices

  • Device Category: Laptop
  • Manufacturer & Vendor: Dell
  • Model/Series: XPS
  • Operating System: Win 10+
  • Processor: Intel i7 or i9
  • Ram: 16GB Minimum
  • Storage: SSD 512GB+
  • Wireless: WiFi 6 – 802.11ax
  • Screen Size: 13, 15 or 17”
  • Optional Functionality: Touch Screen


  • Device Category: Monitor
  • Manufacturer & Vendor: Dell
  • Series/Model: USB-C P2722HE
  • Monitor Size: 27”

Printers (w/approval by Assoc. Sup. of Administrative Services)

  • Device Category: Printer
  • Manufacturer & Vendor: HP | DELL or CDWG
  • Model/Series: HP MFP (Black or Color)
  • Network/Duplex

Peripherals and Cables

  • Keyboard & Mouse: Dual Bluetooth and Wireless Receiver
  • Monitor Cables: HDMI, Display Port, and USB-C
  • Docking Station: Dell Thunderbolt (USB-C) Dock – WD19TBS
  • Dual Monitor Stand: Dual Monitor Stand (Huanuo, Amazon)
  • Optional Peripherals:
  • USB-C Hub: AUKEY USC-C 12-in-1 Type C Adapter
  • Portable Monitor: Dell 14” C1422H (Pending Vetted Testing and Approval)
  • Laptop Power Cable: 13” or 15/17” Power Cable

Optional Peripherals / Devices (3rd Tier Limited ITS Support)

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop (limited support for approved functions)
  • Portable Monitor: Dell 14” C1422H (Pending Vetted Testing and Approval)
  • Conference Room or Office Monitor:
  • Built in MiraCast, AirPlay, ChomeCast display - 4K UHD
  • Green Touch LED Touch Frame for Large Display LED’s  


Computing Devices - A

  • Device Category: Chromebook
  • Manufacturer: Acer
  • Vendor: CDWG
  • Model/Series: Acer Spin 514 - CP514-1H-R3VR
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 Dual-core 2.60 GHz
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ Graphics shared memory
  • Ram: 4 GB, DDR4 SDRAM
  • Storage: 64 GB Flash Memory
  • Screen Size: 14" Full HD (1920 x 1080) 16:9 IPS Touchscreen

Computing Devices - B

  • Device Category: Chrome Base
  • Manufacturer: Acer
  • Vendor: CDWG
  • Model/Series:
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Processor:
  • Graphics:
  • Ram:
  • Storage:
  • Screen Size:

Assistive Technology (Limited Support)

  • iPad WiFi or Cellular (Support Coming Soon)
  • 2-in-1 Flip Chromebook: 15.6” HP Chromebook for VI
  • Robotic Teleprescence Computer on Wheels for SELPA
  • Various Assistive Technologies for SELPA

Tier 3 – Limited ITS Support

Optional Peripherals/Devices

  • Laptop/Chromebook Charging Cart

Other Supported Technology

  • Ray Morgan Multi-Function Color Copy Machines w/Digital Fax
  • Zoom Rooms (coming soon)
  • Conference Room Video/Audio (currently being upgraded)

Software/Application Standards

Software/Application Support

ITS staff support the Windows operating system (version 10+) and core applications pre-installed on all ITS imaged and deployed computing devices. ITS manages most upgrades and updates for all standard software such as Windows and anti-virus updates on a regular basis, behind the scenes, with no actions required by the end user (exception is a possible restart of the computer). If an upgrade to standard software is required that cannot be performed automatically, ITS will create a project and work directly with departments/users to ensure the upgrade is completed to satisfaction.

ITS staff will provide limited support for additional applications which have been pre-vetted and approved.  Work is currently under way to deploy an MDM (mobile device management) system that will allow ITS staff to support iOS devices and iOS app purchases (e.g., iPads).

Administrative programs sometimes require additional software to be installed on computers for work and academic programs sometimes request ‘instructional applications’, beyond the standard software installed. ITS will test and install any approved software. The software installed must be YCOE-owned and properly licensed. Each department has dual responsibility for maintaining the license information provided by the vendor.


Pre-Installed Business Applications

  • Office 365 Application Suite
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Microsoft Edge (Default Web Browser)
  • Zoom
  • VMWare Horizon
  • Foxit PDF Reader (Free)

Licensed Applications (w/Optional Department Purchase)

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro (EDU Enterprise Limited: $150)


Pre-Installed Instructional Applications

  • Office

ITS Support Desk
ITS Hardware/Software Support and Technology Procurement Process

A new system for managing support requests and technology purchases for the ITS (Information & Technology Services) Group is now available - Teamwork Desk - and replaces School Dude for all IT related help requests. This new system and process makes it easier for all employees and district partners to submit help tickets, stay notified of progress, and view status through a personal support portal account: https://support.ycoe.org/support/

Key benefits of the new system include:

  • Simplified process for all employees to request support (especially in this remote work, teaching, and learning environment)
  • Fast, Flexible, Friendly (built on modern web standards so that it’s easy to access from anywhere on any device)
  • Includes a personal Employee Support Portal for viewing status and updates on ticket submissions
  • Designed for IT Departments: Many automations and benefits for IT staff to help with intake, tracking, prioritization, drop-by requests, and response management
  • Future potential to support departments outside of ITS for possible instructional or business process needs

NOTE: This system does not replace SchoolDude for Facilities (SOS) related support requests. SchoolDude is a Facilities specific ticketing management system and will continue to be the system used by the SOS department. We will continue to address all current IT requests submitted through SchoolDude as we transition employees to the new system. Moving forward employees are now able to submit support requests starting immediately by sending an email to support.its@ycoe.org or by creating a ticket directly through the ITS SUPPORT PORTAL https://support.ycoe.org/support/ (you will be asked to create an account and password at first login).

To help staff easily remember these links, this information can be found on the main YCOE Web Page under INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.


Support Portal:
  • ycoe.teamwork.com/support (to view the status of your help tickets)
  • ITS Web Page (includes links to all of these resources and more)
  • Your New Application Portal (part of the MS 365 tool set)

Technology Procurement

Software/Application Support

  1. Create a ticket at: support.its@ycoe.org
  2. ITS Staff will send you a quote for standard configurations or will send you a link to a form for more information