Basic Call and Message Function for the Mitel Wireless Phone

  1. To answer an incoming call, press the green icon button
  2. To hang up on a call press the red hang-up icon button

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To make an outside call, dial 8 then the number.  Example: 86683743 then the green icon button.

To call an inside YCOE extension dial the extension Example: 3743 then the green icon button.

Missed Calls

If you see a green light blinking on side of the phone it means someone has left a message that needs to be checked.  To listen to the message:

1.       Press 6000 and then the green icon button

2.       Enter the passcode:  It will be the extension number.  Example:  3743

  • Press 7 to hear first message
  • Press 3 to delete current message
  • Press 6 to create new message
  • Press 8 for user options
  • Press 9 to exit menu
  • Press 0 to go to operator

To see a list of calls you missed

  • Press the center button
  • Press the RIGHT side of the ring to the “Calls” icon
  • Select the  -  button below Select

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You will then see the calls that you missed

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To see other calls in the list, press the bottom part of the ring

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To respond to the call click the    button below View on the screen

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From the View menu you call the user back

From the More menu you can delete the call record

Note: It is important to keep the phone charge.  Return to cradle when not in use.