Conference Center Technology Guide

You will see this screen upon walking up to the wall panel display (motion sensor panels).

Combine Rooms and Screens:

Press anywhere on the top left corner words to change the room combination:

If the room combination you need is already selected, you can click “Press to Start”.

Next, you will get this screen. Enter in “1280” as the passcode to proceed.

Now you can pick whichever combination your meeting needs. Be mindful of other events taking place in the other rooms as it may break the connection if the configuration is changed. IT will have your configuration set up ahead of time.

Once the configuration has been selected a pop-up screen will appear asking where the cart is connected. This screen refers to video conferencing only. (IT will have this set up before your meeting if you are having video conferencing). If you are not having video conferencing just select “Close” at the bottom of the screen.

To Begin:

Once the configurations have been selected you will have access to choose your source (wall plate/ the podium the computer is connected to) and your output (projector or projectors).

**Always keep in mind the control panel to the left of any configuration will control the rooms when rooms are combined.**


Dual Room 1x3 – Means Davis room is individual and the Washington/Winters/Woodland are connected. The control panel in the Davis room will show one source and one output because it’s individual. The Washington panel will show 3 sources and 3 outputs. In the output, you can select “All Projectors” because the Washington/ Winters/ Woodland rooms are connected.

Triple Room 2x1x1- Means Davis/ Washington rooms are connected and the Winters room is an individual room and the Woodland room is an individual room. Which means the control panel in the Davis room will show 2 sources and 2 outputs because they are connected. Winters room will show 1 source and 1 output because it’s individual. Woodland will show 1 source and 1 output because it’s individual.

Examples of Sources and Output screens:

(3 Sources and 3 Outputs)

(2 Sources)

Once the source and output have been selected the screen will come down and the projector will turn on automatically.

Video conferencing: (Only in the Davis Room and the Woodland Room)

Once you press on “Press to Start”, you will get the following page only in the Davis and Woodland rooms:

Press the “WallPlate” button and then the “Projector” button. This sequence of buttons will turn on the projector and roll down the projector screen automatically.

As for the Washington and Winters Rooms, you’ll get the screen below when they are individual rooms.

The Display Button:

This button (located on the left-hand side) will show you if the projector is turned ON or OFF and if the projector screen has been rolled down or not. There is also a “Blank Screen” option.

Shutting Down:

Simply press the “I’m Done” button:

Then press the “Power Down” button:

Troubleshooting and Tips:


If you are experiencing any audio or video issues, the first thing to do is press the “Break All” Red button and then start over.

The image below displays the Davis and Woodland Rooms in individual room mode:

The image below displays the Washington and Winters Rooms in individual room mode:

Then re-select the source to the projector to start over.

Tip# 1:

When a room combination is applied, the wall panel to the farthest left is always the master over the other combined rooms i.e. Winters and Woodland are combined, only the Winters Room wall panel can be operated. Pressing anywhere on the Woodland Room wall panel will do nothing.

Tip# 2:

If you need to change a room combination while a room is in use. First, you will have to shut down the wall panel then click on the top of the screen to combine the rooms. Also, you should remember to use the wall panel to the farthest left.

Tip# 3:

Please be mindful when combining rooms during the day as other events are occupying the other rooms and you may break the other events connections in their rooms.

Tip# 4:

Remember to only have one input – either use the HDMI cable or the VGA cable with speaker cable. The HDMI cable outputs video and audio so there no need to plug in the speaker cable when the HDMI cable is already plugged in.

Tip# 5:

If the laptop screen and the projector screen do not look the same, it is because the view has been set to “Extended” mode. You’ll have to set it to “Duplicate” mode to replicate the screens. You can do this by pressing the Fn Key and the F8 key on the keyboard then selecting “Duplicate”.

Tip# 6:

Wireless button is only to be used if someone from the audience would like to share information on the screen from their own laptop. A URL will be displayed and you will enter the code on the device you are trying to connect. Guests will NOT be able to connect even if they are connected to our Public Wi’Fi as it is restricted.

For support please contact:

  • Anissa Still - (530) 668-3772
  • Celia Lugo - (530) 668-3708
  • Matt Juchniewicz - (530) 668-3777